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"Reach into me deep as poetry.
Tangle my veins into calligraphy."

-Magic with Skin On



Morgan Nikola-Wren began writing poetry for various literary periodicals in 2013. She is a winner of the Pangaea Worldwide Poetry Slam, 2016, and has published three books of poetry. Her debut book, Magic with Skin On, received a Goodreads Choice nomination for Best Poetry Book of 2017.

Morgan ran away with her husband's circus for a year, but now works at a school library, which is not all that different. She is perpetually searching for new favorite words, more black clothing, and the perfect design for her next tattoo. 

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Poems from the Attic


From Goodreads Choice nominee, Morgan Nikola-Wren comes a collection of "homeless poems," some cut from previous and upcoming projects, some briefly forgotten. Gathered into a 95 page compilation with accompanying images, "Poems from the Attic" is at once playful and pensive. It is a love letter to the reader, singed at the edges and creased many times over. It is a walk through the creative process and an ode to the shadowy, quiet places we all carry inside of us.


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